Congressman Thomas J. Rooney

Representing the 17th District of Florida

Hurricane Information Center

Hurricane Prep – Tips and Tools that could be useful to you in the event of an emergency hurricane situation.

The 17th District of Florida

Steps to take:

1. Stay informed

a. Below we have included links to FEMA, Florida’s Department of Emergency Management and local contacts for each county including; websites, phone numbers and radio stations.

b. Please take a moment to write these down and keep them with you, in the event that you lose access to power, internet or cellular phone service

2.Prepare your home for potential hazards, power outages and supply shortages:

a.You may lose access to fresh water- fill CLEAN bottles, buckets, jars and even bathtubs with water.

b.Locate potential sources of lighting, candles, flashlights, headlamps, etc. BEFORE losing power

c.Be careful not to eat food that has spoiled due to loss of power

3.Stay indoors as much as possible:

a.Do not leave your home unless absolutely necessary or unless moving to an evacuation zone.

b.If you must go outside:

i.Be mindful of downed power lines

ii.Remember, flooding may be deeper than it appears

iii.Be aware of potential flying debris

iv.Flooding is likely so remember:

1.Turn Around, Don’t DrownIf you see a flooded roadway, turn around and take another route. Take your time when travelling.

2.Be aware that flash flooding can occur. If there is any possibility of a flash flood, move immediately to higher ground. Do not wait for instructions to move.

3.Be aware of stream, drainage channels, canals and other areas known to flood suddenly. Flash floods can occur in these areas with little or no warning.


4.Evacuate safely:

a.In the event of an evacuation, it is important to:

i.Remain calm,

ii.Locate the nearest evacuation zone that can be reached SAFELY,

iii.Be aware of all hazards and and available transportation,

iv.Proceed to your pre-determined SAFE location,

v.Check to make sure your nearest evacuation zone is currently open

b.Bring emergency items with you (i.e. water and first aid supplies)

Helpful links:

1.Know your Zone- If you find yourself needing to evacuate, it is important to know where the nearest safe location is.  When opened on a mobile device, this site will show you the nearest evacuation zone based on your location.

2.FEMA App- This site is the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s App.  The application has multiple tools to help keep you informed and give you information needed to properly respond to a hurricane.

3.Open Shelters- This link will provide you with a list of open shelters.

4.Get a Plan! - It is important to be prepared for Hurricanes and other disasters at all times. This link will help you and your family create an emergency plan, and ensure you are prepared.

Local Resources:

  1. Charlotte County

i.Places to Call


2.Charlotte County Emergency Management


ii.Animal Services 941-764-4360

1. Animal Control 941-833-5690 

  1. Receive information and alerts through Charlotte County


1.1580 AM,

2.1530 AM,

3.92.9 FM,

4.98.9 FM

v.Charlotte County Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan


  1. Desoto County

i.Emergency Operations Center Contact

1.Thomas Moran, Emergency Management Director


ii.Public Shelter

1.DeSoto Middle School and Gymnasium, 420 East Gibson Street, Arcadia, FL 34266

a.Located on the Corner of East Gibson and LaSalona Avenue, 3 blocks east of US 17

iii.Animal Services 863-993-4855

iv.Active Weather Alerts


  1. Glades County

i. Website and Emergency Management Center Contact:


ii.Radio: 96.9 FM, 99.5 FM, 1570 AM, 590 AM

  1.  Glades County All Hazard Guide


  1. Hardee County

i.  Website and Emergency Management Center Contact

1.Jill Newman, Emergency Management Director


ii.Shelter list:

1.Bowling Green Elementary School

2.South Florida State College (Special Needs)

3.Hardee Junior High School/ Hilltop Elementary

4.North Wauchula Elementary School

5.Zolfo Springs Elementary School


1.WEDU Channel 03

2.WFLA Channel 08

3. WTSP Channel 10

4.WTVT Channel 13

5.WFTS Channel 28

6.WLZE-LP Channel 51


1.580 AM

2.730 AM

3. 770 AM

4.92.5 FM

5.93.3 FM

6.94.1 FM

  1. Hardee County All-Hazard Guide


e.Highlands County

i.Website and Emergency Management Center Contact

1.Scott Canaday, Emergency Management Director


ii.Shelter List


a.Avon Park Recreation Center


a.Lake Placid High School


a.Highlands County Fair Convention Center


a.Bert J. Harris Agri-Civic Center, 4509 George Blvd, Sebring, FL


1.WHRT Channel 7

2. Local Comcast Channel 6

3. Ft Meyers WINK Channel 11

4.Orlando WFTV Channel 9

5.Tampa WFLA Channel 8

6.Tampa WFTS Channel 28

7.Tampa WTOG Channel 44

8.Tampa WTVT Channel 13


1.730 AM

2.1340 AM

3.99.1 FM

4.1050 AM

5.105.7 FM

v.Highlands County All-Hazard Guide


  1. Hillsborough County

i.Website and Emergency Management Center Contact


ii. Shelter List

1.Middleton High School

2.Simmons Center

3.Shields Middle School

4.Doby Elementary School

5.Hammond Elementary School,

6.Strawberry Crest High School, Dover, FL,

7.Sessums Elementary School,

8.Bartels Middle School,

9.Summefield Crossings Elementary School,

10.Brandon High School,

11.Smith Middle School,

12. Burnett Middle School,

13.Valrico Elementary School,

14. Greco Middle School

  1.  Emergency Alert Center
  2.  Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan


  1. Lee County

i.Website and Emergency Management Contact


ii.Shelter List

1.Alva/East Fort Myers

a.Alva Elem /Middle School

2.Riverdale High School

3.Bonita Springs

a.Bonita Springs’ YMCA

4.Cape Coral

a.Diplomat Elementary School,

b.Diplomat Middle School,

c. Island Coast High School,

d.Mariner Middle School


a.Estero Recreation Center,

b.Estero High School,

c.Germain Arena

6.Fort Myers

a.Colonial Elementary School,  

b.Stephens International Academy,

c.Royal Palm Exceptional Center,

d. South Fort Myers High School

7.Lehigh Acres

a.East Lee County High School,

b.Harns Marsh Elementary School,

c.Harns Marsh Middle School,

d.Lehigh Senior High School,

e.Mirror Lakes Elementary School,

f.Varsity Lakes Middle School,

g.Veterans Park Recreation Center

8.North Fort Myers

a.J.C.Colin English Elementary School,

b. Little ton Elementary School,

c.N.Fort Myers Academy of the Arts,

d.North Fort Myers Recreation Center

9.San Carlos

a.Alico Arena,  

b.Three Oaks Elementary School,

c.Three Oaks Middle School


a.Oak Hammock Middle School – 5321 Tice St


1.WUVF-LP Channel 2,

2.WINK Channel 11,

3.WTPH –LP Channel 14,

4.WBBH Channel 20,

5.WGCU Channel 30,

6.WXCW Channel 46


1.88.1 FM, 96.5 FM,

2. 96.9 FM, 99.3 FM,

3.105.5 FM, WJPT 106.3,

4.560 AM, 590 AM,

5.770 AM,

6.1410 AM,

7.1350 AM (Spanish), 1580 FM

  1.   All-Hazard Guide


  1. Manatee County

i. Website and Emergency Management Center Contact

ii.Shelter list:

1.Bayshore Elementary School,

2.Braden River Middle School,

3.Braden River High,

4.Buffalo Creek Middle School,

5.Daughtrey Elementary,

6.Freedom Elementary School,

7.Gullett Elementary School,

8.Haile Middle School,

9.Johnson Middle School,

10.Kinnan Elementary School,

11.Lee Middle School,

12.Manatee High School,

13.McNeal Elementary School,

14.Miller Elementary School,

15.Mills Elementary School,

16.Myakka City Elementary School,

17. Oneco Elementary School,

18.Prine Elementary School,

19.Rodgers Garden Elementary,

20.Rowlett Elementary School,

21.Seabreeze Elementary School,

22.Tillman Elementary School,

23.Williams Elementary School,

24.Willis Elementary School,

25.Witt Elementary School


1.WTSP Channel 10,

2.WTVT Channel 13,

3.WFTS Channel 28,

4.WWSB Channel 40,

5.WBSV Channel 62,

6.Bay news 9


1.970 AM,

2.1490 AM,

3.106.5 FM,

4.88.1 FM

  1.  Manatee County Emergency Management Guide


i.Okeechobee County

i. Website and Emergency Management Center Contact

1.Michael Fulkner, Director

a.(863) 763- 3212

ii.Shelter List

1.Osceola Middle School,

2.South Elementary School,

3.Okeechobee High School,

4.Yearling Middle School,

5.North Elementary School,

6.Everglades Elementary School,

7.Seminole Elementary School,

8.Freshman Center Auditorium

9.Okeechobee Acheivement Academy,

10.American Legion Post #64,

11.First Baptist Church,

12.Ft Drum Community Church,

13.Sacred Heart Catholic church,

14.Okeechobee County Health Department

iii. Okeechobee Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan


  1. Polk County

i. Website and Emergency Management Center Contact

1.Pete McNally, Director

a. 863-519-7350 

2.Citizens information line


ii.Shelter List


a.Auburndale High School

b.Jere L. Stambaugh Middle School

c.Walter Caldwell Elementary School


a.Polk County Health Department Specialty Care Units,

b.Bartow High School,

c.Stephens Elementary School,

d.Spessard L. Holland Elementary


a.Horizons Elementary School,

b.Loughman Oaks Elementary School,

c.Ridge Community High School,

d.Ridgeview Global Studies Academy

4.Eagle Lake

a.Lake Region High School,

b.Pinewood Elementary School

5.Haines City

a.Alta Vista Elementary School,

b.Haines City High School,

c.Sandhill Elementary School,

d.Shelley S. Boone Middle School


a.Combee Elementary School,

b.George Jenkins High School (Freshman Academy),

c.Highlands Grove Elementary School,

d.Kathleen Elementary School,

e.Kathleen High School,

f.Lake Gibson High School,

g.Lakeland Highlands Middle School,

h.Philip O’Brien Elementary School,

i.Lincoln Avenue Academy,

j.McKeel Academy of Technology,

k.Dr. N.E. Roberts Elementary School,

l.Rochelle School of the Arts,

m.Scott Lake Elementary School,

n.Sleepy Hill Elementary School,

o.Southwest Elementary School,

p.Tenoroc High School,

q.R. Bruce Wagner Elementary School

7.Lake Alfred

a.Karen Siegel Academy

8.Lake Wales

a.Spook Hill Elementary School


a.Mulberry Middle School,

b.Purcell Elementary School


a.Lake Marion Creek Middle School,

b.Laurel Elementary School,

c.Palmetto Elementary School

11.Winter Haven

a.Chain of Lakes Elementary School,

b.Jewett School of the Arts,

c.Winter Haven High School


1.1230 AM,

2.97.5 FM,

3.1610 AM