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Representing the 17th District of Florida

County Information

County Updates:

All sixty-seven Florida counties have a major disaster declaration; however, each individual county must be evaluated for an Individual Assistance designation to receive any form of federal Individual Assistance.  FEMA considers six factors when making recommendations to the President for an Individual Assistance designation. 

1) Concentration of damage: concentrations of impacted individuals can indicate a greater need for Federal assistance than widespread impacted individuals across the county.

a. Examples: flooding within a subdivision, multiple neighborhood residences damaged by high winds or a tornado, etc.

2) Trauma: quantity of injuries and deaths, large-scale disruptions to normal community functions, and emergency needs.

a. Examples: quantity of storm-related injuries, quantity of storm-related deaths, amount and duration of businesses closed, duration of school and government closures, duration and extent of loss of water, duration and extent of loss of power, etc.

3) Special populations: consideration for low-income, elderly, unemployed, and other special populations in an area.

a. Examples: percentage of population who are impoverished, receiving government assistance, unemployed, children, senior citizens, disabled, etc.

4) Voluntary Agency Assistance: abilities of voluntary, faith, and community-based organizations to fill both the emergency and recovery needs of disaster-impacted individuals.

a. Examples: quantity and extent of voluntary agency presence and outreach post-disaster

5) Insurance: the Stafford Act is intended to be supplemental, so qualifying the scope of necessary individual assistance.

a. Examples: percentage of population with NFIP in flooded areas, percentage of homes insured in impacted areas, etc.

6) Damaged residences: the severity and number of residences damaged, which includes both accessibility and habitability.

a. Examples: quantity of residences within the four levels of damage (minor damage and habitable; major damage and habitable; major damage and uninhabitable; destroyed), quantity of residences with flooding

A report including both quantitative and qualitative data covering the six factors above – including photos of extent of damage, if possible – should be submitted to the Florida Division of Emergency Management Recovery Bureau Chief, Jason Wheeler, at The State of Florida will submit the substantive request for an Individual Assistance designation, on behalf of the county, to FEMA for recommendation to the President. 



Due to a water pressure dropping below 20 psi for over an hour, including a loss in system pressure in numerous areas of the service area from this failure, and as a precautionary measure, all customers in the affected areas should boil their water intended for drinking or cooking at a rolling boil for a minimum of one minute. Customers should boil their water until further notice. 


The Englewood water district has issued a boil water notice for all customer served by Bocilla Utilities Including Knight Island. Due to hurricane Irma, water pressure to Bocilla Utilities was reduced or lost. 

Report Bocilla Utilities water leaks and issues to 941-201-1084.


Charlotte County Utilities has declared a precautionary boil water notice for its customers that live west of the Myakka River. The affected customers may also experience low water pressure, and this boil water notice is in effect until further notice. 

Report Charlotte County Utilities water leaks and issues to 941-764-4300.


  • The Peace River and Horse Creek are currently flooding, residents living near these areas are advised to evacuate. The shelter at the Turner Center is still open.
  • Curfew: from 9:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.
  • A boil water notice is still in effect 
  • Road Closures: Highway 31, King's Highway (CR-769), and Highway 72 are still closed due to flooding


  • County officials are still assessing the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. Officials HAVE NOT given the all clear yet and residents are advised to shelter in place.
  • Report Florida Power & Light outages: 1-800-468-8243 and check the FPL Power Tracker for updates on outages.


  • Lee County has declared a curfew from 8 p.m. to 7 a.m. daily until further notice
  • ATTENTION MOTORISTS treat inoperative intersections as a 4-way stop. Use extra caution!
  • Curfew in effect from 8:00 PM to 7:00 AM until further notice.
  • For the latest updates, visit Emergency Management's Facebook pageTwitter page or website, or download the LeeAlert mobile phone app for Apple or Android. To receive emergency alerts, sign up for CodeRED.


  • Curfew – No curfew at this time.
  • Traffic Lights - When traffic lights are out, treat them as a four-way stop.
  • Power Restoration – Power restoration will be sporadic throughout the county as lines are repaired and serviced. Peace River Electric Coop has crews out working frantically to get repairs ahead of when the power is available.
  • Boil Water Notice – None at this time.
  • Fuel/Gas – For available gas stations with fuel/gas you can download GasBuddy app.
  • Open Pharmacies – For assistance in finding open pharmacies, go to
  • Please do not call 911 unless it is a true life-or-death emergency. We have many calls already holding and some of them are very serious. We have no specific damage reports to issue right now. There are many downed power lines and trees, and it is still not safe to be out and about. Please stay at your home or shelter until it is announced that it is safe so that first responders can get their work done without interference. We will be getting to everyone as quickly as possible, but the first step is to do a county-wide triage of the damage so that we can make sure the people who need immediate help get it as soon as possible.


  • Polk County Utilities is issuing a Department of Health required “PRECAUTIONARY BOIL WATER NOTICE” due to a loss of pressure. This notice is for customers located in subdivisions and places of business near Spirit Lake Road from US Highway 17 to Recker Highway in the Central Region Public Water System.
  • As of 8 a.m. Monday, this is a snapshot of what is known:
    • Power: Utility companies that supply electric to the county report that about 80 percent of Polk County is without power. You should be prepared to be without power for several days. Winter Haven Hospital is without electricity; however, they are operating on generator power. Service to healthcare facilities is a priority. Almost all major government buildings in the county are running on generators or are completely without power.
    • Polk County Utilities reports that one potable water plant is down. Other facilities are picking up the load, which is causing reduced pressures. There currently are no health issues with potable (drinking) water. Several sanitary lift stations are without power. This may cause spillage to flow into areas near these lift stations. 
    • Road safety: Polk County Sheriff’s deputies are driving all roads to assess which roads are impassible. Roads and Drainage division is sending crews to those areas to clear roads so that they are drivable. Downed powerlines are making this process take longer. Crews are coming from out-of-the-county to assist with further road cleanup and debris removal. Major roadways will be cleared first. Major power outages mean that traffic signalization is not functioning. Drivers should treat all intersections as four-way stops.
    • Most of Polk County’s public shelters are also without power.
    • Polk County’s landfill is closed until further notice.
    • Residents who have questions or need to report a problem should call the Citizen’s Information Line at 863.401.2234. Do not call 9-1-1 unless you have a life-threatening emergency.

For the most updated information, please continue to monitor your local news media or call the Citizen’s Information Line at 863-401-2234 (locally) or toll-free 866-661-0228. Check the county website for updates at You may also obtain further emergency information at and


EOC:  Full Activation

Hospitals:  Hospital is on generator power

Road Closures:  None reported

Power Outages:  Over 90%

Fuel: No gas reported in Okeechobee

Curfews:  No curfew

Okeechobee County Emergency Management officials are closely monitoring reports provided by the National Weather Service on Hurricane Irma.  Okeechobee County’s Public Information Line is 863-824-6888.   Residents can call to have their storm-related questions answered. Other county contact info can be found here:


Glades County Emergency Management is dedicated in providing accurate and timely information to the public. This information can include weather advisories, community events, local trainings and more. If you would like to be added to our email advisor list see the link below. Please include your name, email, and check the boxes for the advisors that you would like sent to you:

Please be aware that Lake Okeechobee has NOT reached a dangerous level at this time. The National Weather Service has issued a Flood Warning for Fisheating Creek near Palmdale until further notice.


EOC:  Full activation

Road Closures:

Intersection of Cougar and Thunderbird

Canal Street

Wolf Lake Boat Ramp is flooded

Catfish Creek is not passable

Power Outages: 90% out

Curfews: 8:30 pm to 7am